Yocum Plumbing- History


In 1975 I graduated from theBucks County Vocational School Heating and Ventilation program. After school I got a job working at a wholesale plumbing and heating supply house. That really helped me to learn the industry as I took advantage of every training class I could.  After 8 years of doing that I decided to “work with my hands” and took a plumbing job as an apprentice for a small residential plumbing company. While working there for four years I took night classes for plumbing and passed my plumbing Journeyman’s test. With a Journeyman’s  license  I moved on to a large company that did mostly commercial service work and I  did that for a year but they worked a lot of nights and I had small children and decided to change companies. Next I did new construction plumbing for about three years but when the economy dropped I was laid off.

I was looking for a new job when a plumbing manufacturing representative who knew me from when I worked in the wholesale plumbing business offered me a job as a outside sales rep. As I representative I got lots of training on all phases of the plumbing and heating industry. I learned all about drain cleaning and what equipment to use for the job. I also became an expert on commercial plastic piping. Another line we represented was water heaters and I learned how to help size and fix residential and commercial units. I was a rep for 19 years and as I worked with plumbing contractors I realized I always wanted to be a contractor again. So, I decided to go back into plumbing and I started my on service company. The first year I did it part time working nights and weekends, but as I got busier I decided to leave my job as a representative and work full time as a plumber.

One of the advantages I had working as a representative was I saw how other plumbing companies worked.  I learned what to do and what not to do, I also learned to LISTEN to the customer and solve their problem. I work out of my house and my children are grown and gone. I have very low overhead so I can be fair with my pricing.

I also learned what parts to keep on my truck and I carry over $2000.00 worth of parts. What this means is, that most times I do not have to leave and charge the customer to run to the supply house for parts. Lastly I respect the customer, their time and their home. I try to be on time when I say I will be somewhere and I do everything possible to keep their house neat and clean. I believe in being polite and courteous, I treat people as I want to be treated.